What makes a fine wine over a cheap one?

What makes a fine wine over a cheap one?

Friday, February 19th, 2016

When we look at a wine shelf we see great disparity between prices. They can range from €4 a bottle to hundreds if not thousands a bottle in some cases. Many wine consumers just judge the quality of the bottle by the price as they don’t know any better. So what factors that actually effect the true value of a wine.

Terroir of the wine grape

Wine Terroir is where the grape is grown. Apart from the wine process itself which can affect the quality of a wine, the microclimate and the soil properties of the area can have a huge effect also. Some regions demand higher prices whether they deserve it or not.

Wine Company Reputation

Reputation of a wine has a huge effect of price and in many cases our sense of taste and smell can be easily fooled. There are many wines on the shelf now that are not particularly of high quality but many perceive they are. Much wine research has proved that in blind tastes consumers can’t even tell the difference.

Scarcity of the particular bottle

Many great wines are made in small quantities and as with anything in short supply it can push the price up. Many wine lovers with a few quid to spare love the story behind these fine wines and are happy to pay whatever.

Buying wine online

The internet offers great opportunity for consumers to research fine wines online and also buy them online. Don’t always be fooled by wine price but look at the real quality of what’s inside the bottle.

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