Welcome to O’Donovans Off Licence new blog ‘The Wine Buff’

Welcome to O’Donovans Off Licence new blog ‘The Wine Buff’

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

A Letter from Gary O’ Donovan to the wine and beer drinkers of Cork.

In this section we hope to keep you informed of as much relevant news as possible regarding the international world of wines, beers and spirits. What’s happening, where, who’s who and new product launches will all feature heavily in this part of the website.

Also we will be informing you of what’s happening on a local and national level, covering topics such as wine consumption volumes, how wine producing countries are performing on the Irish market, how the various players in the wine market are performing, plus any relevant information here in Ireland. More importantly we will be tipping you off on what grape varieties are popular right now and what styles/regions/winemakers to follow, to make your wine drinking career all the more informed and enjoyable.

In this blog we will also be communicating to you what extra special wine offers are available and discussing ways how you can enjoy better wines at a cheaper price! I think you would agree this is good news for everybody.

We will also be alluding to the explosion of craft beers available to you, our customers. This will cover the top producers of craft beer and cider by countries, regions and awards achieved. On a national level we will be bringing you news of the top performers, there products and styles but also the most important limited release editions! The early bird catches the worm!

The wide and diverse world of spirits will also be received discussing market changes and performances. The amount of spirits available now in Ireland through the likes of this website is jaw dropping and unimaginable, from a short number of years ago! Premium whiskies, scotches, gin, vodka, rum, American Whiskey & European spirits will all feature. As regards spirits new releases, you will be the first to know, through this blog. All you need is some ice and a glass!!

Finally being an ‘Educator’ company duty bound to deliver accredited Wine & Spirit Education Trust wine courses, we will let you know of all up and coming wine courses available through the WSET and we hope to have a ‘craft beer & cider’ appreciation module available to you in autumn 2015!

So I am looking forward to communicating with you through our new ‘Blog’ section and importing good content and wisdom to you. Hopefully this will make your wine, beer and spirit consumption more responsible and informed.
By the way I forgot to mention we will be having some fun through competitions and prize giveaways along the way!!

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Yours in wine,
Gary O’Donovan.

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