O’Donovan’s Off Licence Group are pleased to offer our new fine wine/cellar audit service to the wine consumers of Ireland.


    This service is particularly aimed at consumers who have a wine collection or indeed a cellar where the wines need to be examined, audited and organised.


    All wines have a limited life span and both red and white wine stocks need to be audited regularly to assess their readiness for drinking and for future cellaring. Often wines need to be tasted for their drinkability and this is all part of the service that the O’Donovan Off Licence Group are offering.

    Gary O’Donovan is our fine wine specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the wine trade, both as a buyer, retailer and wine educator. Gary has been advising people on their cellars all this time and is now expanding the reach of this service through our website and by popular demand.


    Initial site visits stand at €100 and based on this initial report, depending on the size and scale of the cellar, the audit, tasting and reorganising of the cellar will be price on application (POA).


    An example of this auditing service would be as follows: Initial site visit to wine location/cellar. A kerbside review of the wines which will immediately reveal what wines are drinking now, what wines will cellar into the future and what wines need to be destroyed/disposed of as they are gone past being suitable for human consumption. A report will be issued on this initial view with a set of action points set out to reorganise the wine collection/cellar. These action points will be priced relative to the size of the cellar.The next part of the process should the customer wish to proceed is note details of all the wines, their names, vintages, styles and catalogue them.

    Next step is to taste the wines that might have been cellared too long and identify these offending wines and remove from cellar and destroy. Following on from this, Gary will organise the remaining wines into countries, regions and styles. Final step is to tag each wine that remains as regarding their drinkability, value and cellaring time frame.


    A wine cellar is like a garden in that it needs to be looked after. Otherwise wines will go beyond drinkability and be wasted. Just like weeds can take over a garden, if they are not dealt with. By an annual audit, a wine collection can avoid this happening and stop this waste of perfectly good wine that just needs to be consumed in a certain time frame.