Craft Beers

  • Micro Brewry

    The Origin of Microbrew

    Back in the nineties when beer was brewed by small, independent brewers it was called microbrew. Microbrew was used to describe breweries of a specific size in the US.

  • Barrels in a Microbrewery

    What is a Microbrewery?

    To be considered a microbrewery, a brewery had to produce a limited number of barrels of beer. This term fell out of use, as breweries grew in size and were no longer micro. The term craft beer was then brought to life and has just grown bigger and bigger. A craft brewery is one that is small, independent and traditional. But as craft beer gets increasingly popular, the breweries also increase in size to keep up with demand, so the definition small doesn’t really fit the description.

  • Craft Beer bottles in an Off Licence

    The popularity of craft beer

    In the last number of years, Craft beer has got increasingly popular in Ireland. In 2005, after a little campaigning by a few small brewers, the government introduced a duty rebate for independent breweries. This allowed small brewers to invest and it saw the start of craft beer explosion in Ireland.

  • The growth of craft beer in ireland

    The craft beer industry in Ireland saw a significant growth in 2014 but even though it is a growing trend, Craft Brewers only account for 1% of beer & cider sales in Ireland. The number of craft beer breweries has doubled in the last 10 years, with over half been set up since 2009. Irish consumers are keen to try something new and different, and they are slowly becoming craft beer connoisseurs, enjoying the unusual styles a craft beer can offer.This is a trend that is going nowhere and is only going to grow in the foreseeable future.

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